WARNING! You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non-consensual sex. If you do not like such stories, please stop reading. This story is all fiction. Any resemblance to real places, people, or events is purely coinicdental. If you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read no more. Rape is a heinous crime and the penalty is many years in prison. The people who commit rape are despised everywhere. No one is being hurt, and this is pure fantasy.

What Happens When You Get Too Drunk

An original story by Vile8r

Note: I got the inspiration for this story from an actual event that occurred in Vancouver, BC in Oct. 2013.


It was a usual Friday night for me. I had left work at 5.00 pm., and since it was payday, I headed for the Crown Hotel, my old drinking hole. It was quite a dive, but I didn’t give a shit. The beer was cheap and Ol’ Sullivan the bartender, treated us good.

And we didn’t get all the college kids and the yuppies that frequented the more trendy bars a block over in the club district. It was just good ol’ working class guys and retired alcoholics at the Crown.

It was now 11:30 p.m. and I was heading for home. As usual, I’d had probably a little more than I should have. I shouldn’t have even been driving, but I had to get home, and I wasn’t leaving my vehicle behind. Not in this neighborhood. Although, really, I don’t know if anyone would want to steal a 1997 Dodge Caravan.

Yeah, I drive a mini-van, okay? I bought it off a friend a couple years ago. It’s a little beat-up, but it gets me around, and he sold it to me cheap. Being 46 years old, divorced and overweight, I don’t really need a fancy car to pick up chicks. Those days are long past!
The only sex I get nowadays is the occasional street whore I pick up. They don’t give a fuck what you drive, as long as you got their money. Speaking of that, I suddenly had the urge. It was payday, maybe I should get myself some tail tonight. Get some hot little whore, park in a back alley and slam the cock to her.

I decided to swing around through the club district. That was usually where the classier whores hung out, looking for the rich businessmen going for a few martinis after work. Yeah, they charged a little more, but it was worth the extra cash.

I came down the street, past several trendy bars, noting some of the hot cunt milling around outside, waiting to get inside. Oh yeah……some of those college girls……damn! If only I was about twenty years younger! Now they wouldn’t even give an old drunken prick like me the time of day. But hey, it never hurt to wish.

I pulled up to a red light and came to a stop. That was when, suddenly, my passenger door swung open! Some chick practically fell into the minivan, her butt plopping onto the seat. Her bare legs, like those of a young colt, stuck awkwardly out the door, her skirt hiking up in a very unladylike way, showing quite a bit of thigh.

It took a bit of effort on her part, but she finally got her legs swung up inside the van and she closed the door, just as the traffic light was turning green.

“Hey…..c-cabby….get me home…..I’m s-so…..f-fucking wrecked…..!” she said, slurring her words terribly.

“Hey,” I said. “I’m uh……not a taxi……”

“M-m-my address…..is….” the girl slurred again, barely able to talk. “My address……is…..is…..”

Her voice trailed off and her head fell back. It was quite obvious to me…..she was passed out!

What the fuck? I was trying to process what the hell was going on here. Some drunken chick had just gotten into my van……and she thought I was a taxi!
Part of me said, pull over to the curb and dump this stupid, drunken cunt out! But then I looked over and got a good look at her. This little bitch was hot!

I figured she couldn’t be a lot more than 19 or 20, just old enough to be getting in the clubs. Maybe just out of high school. She was wearing a shoulder-less raspberry-colored tube top that showed off her bare midriff, and a very short white mini-skirt.
With her sitting beneath my eye level, I could also not help noticing that her tube top allowed a shocking amount of cleavage! She must have been wearing a push up bra, because there was no evidence of a bra on the upper portion of her ample young breasts, a good portion of which were bare for the world to see.

On her feet, she was wearing a pair of moderately high-heeled shoes, that helped to show off her long legs at the knees. At first I thought she was a hooker, but then I realized, no, this girl was too classy-looking, too fresh-faced.

I’ve picked up enough hookers in my life to know this girl was not one. And anyways, if she was a working girl, she wouldn’t be out getting shit-faced on a Friday night! No….this was an incredibly hot, sexy, little party girl!

That was when my other inner voice screamed at me. You buddy, have just hit the goddamn jackpot! A smokin’ hot, barely-out-of-her-teens chick has practically thrown herself into your van, thinking you’re a taxi! And NOW she’s passed out, dead to the goddamn world!

I thought about that for a minute, my heart starting to pound and my cock growing hard.

Yeah! She was passed out, not even able to function. No one would ever know. The girl would never know! Hell, she was so fucking drunk and out if it, I could take her somewhere, fuck the shit out of her, drop her off, and she wouldn’t even remember what happened.

It would just be my little secret. My own dirty little secret. And it would feel so fucking GOOD!

I came to another stop light, and glanced over to the unconscious girl sitting in the front seat of my mini-van. Actually, she was more laying than sitting. Just before she had passed out, she had reached forward and dropped the back of the front seat to a forty-five degree angle.
While at the stop light, my eyes couldn’t help but notice the expanse of thigh showing below the hem of the girl’s tight mini-skirt. I looked up at the stop light. It was still red.

Then my eyes traveled back to my passenger. She was softly illuminated by the glow of the streetlight that came through the window. My eyes darted to those bare thighs again. This young lady certainly had nice legs, I thought. Fuck, she was hot!

I was mesmerized by the way her legs were slightly parted as she lay reclined in the passenger’s seat. At that moment the car behind me at the stoplight honked. How long had the light been green?!

I took off, but soon came to a second red light. Stopping again, I could not resist the temptation of looking over again at the unconscious girl. The way this girl was dressed made it pretty much impossible for a red-blooded male to not want to fuck her! I’m sorry, but when they look like this, they’re just begging for it, in my view!

And she was so young! That made her even hotter. I wasn’t ashamed to admit, I liked the young ones. I’d often see young girls walking down the sidewalk or at a mall and I’d fantasize about what it would be like to fuck one. Just spread their pretty little legs and plow my big, hard cock into them.

Now, here I had the opportunity to do just that! My eyes settled on the way the girl’s fully developed breasts filled her tight-fitting raspberry tube top. Below the top, the bare skin of her flat tummy was bathed in the light of another street lamp.

My gaze then traveled back up to the twin mounds that were so enticingly encased in the stretchy material of her tight top. My gaze then continued on up to her bare shoulders over which cascaded long locks of dark blonde hair.

They didn’t build girls like this when I was younger, I thought wistfully. At least not any of the ones I ever knew.

The light changed green and I sped away from the traffic light. The bulge had grown in my pants, straining against the confines of my boxer shorts and jeans. It was screaming to be released.

Easy boy, I said to myself. Easy!

I needed to get her somewhere private, where we wouldn’t be seen. I knew the perfect spot! Turning off onto a side street, I headed for the old warehouse district. I could park out behind some abandoned warehouse and have my fun.

It didn’t take me long to get there, and soon I had pulled in beside a big old, hulking building at the end of a dead-end street. The interior of the van was dark, as there were no street lights where I stopped.
Only the lights of the van’s dashboard provided what little illumination there was. I looked over at my little passenger. Oh, what a lovely sight she was! What a sleeping beauty!

I suddenly wondered if those marvelous tits on this girl were real or implants. I knew that was the big fad nowadays for girls to get implants. The bulge in my pants was becoming painful. I reached into my pants and pulled my cock into a straight position inside the boxers to provide it with some space to grow.

I turned on the dome light so that I could see her better. Were they real, or false? Well, I was about to find out! I grabbed the soft, stretchy material of the tube top with my left hand and yanked it down along with her push-up bra. Her well-developed tits were firm, yet soft and squeezable, and stood upright, probably not requiring the tiny, lacey bra that had been delicately holding them beneath the tube top. I was thrilled by the discovery that she was all natural! There was no silicone inside these babies!

While feeling her tits, I noticed for the first time a delicate, gold necklace that adorned her lovely, slender neck. My eyes then traveled to her expensive-looking ear rings that dangled from her lobes. What a classy young lady, I thought.

I suddenly had an idea. She was still clutching a small white leather purse, in her right hand. I gently pulled it away from her grasp and opened it. What I found inside, excited me.

A package of birth control pills was the first thing I found. Right on, the little bitch was on the pill! Next was a couple condoms in their wrappers. Well, well, this sweetie travelled prepared.

Then I spotted what I was looking for…..her ID! I wanted to see how old she really was.

Name: Tiffany Olivia Norris. Mmmm, Tiffany! Yeah she fit that name. Classy name for a classy little slut!

D.O.B: 05/29/98 May 29, 1998!

Holy shit! My heart jumped into my throat. She was only 19! And barely 19 too! Today was June 16. It hadn’t even been a month yet since her birthday. Just as I figured, she was just old enough to get in the clubs!

I knew I should pull this hot little honey into the back of the van, where I’d have much more room to play with her! But right at the moment, I didn’t care. I was going to take my time with my little pet.

I stroked the girl’s long, dark blonde hair, feeling its silkiness as the strands flowed through my fingers. My fingers of the right hand then began to trace the features of the young lady’s face: her cheeks, her nose, her full, luscious lips. A finger parted her lips and entered her mouth, feeling the warm wetness of her tongue while my other hand kneaded and molded her tits. My cock, which I had the foresight to set in a straight position, now fairly throbbed, its hardness complete.

My left hand now departed from the young lady’s fantastic breasts and traveled downward. It passed over the tube top and bra bunched around her abdomen, and then lingered when it reached the bare skin of her flat tummy. There, the tip of my forefinger toyed with her belly button.

As I did this, I carefully watched the girl’s pretty face, illuminated by the van’s dome light, searching for any sign of her coming to. I thought about what I’d do if she did come awake at this moment and found herself half naked in this van with a strange drunk man’s hands all over her?

I reached under my seat and pulled out a ten-inch long hunting knife. I kept it under there for, well, emergencies. I set it on the dashboard within easy reach. If something happened, a knife at her throat would settle her down. I was going to fuck this girl…..and nothing was gonna stop me!

That thought also got me very aroused, the very illicitness of what I was doing. I wasn’t just fucking this teenage girl. What I was doing was rape…..plain and simple! I knew it was wrong, wrong, wrong, but it felt so very good!
My hand continued to roam her hard body, moving downward. I soon felt the top of the tight miniskirt. Pressing against the girl’s body, the hand moved sideways, feeling the curvaceous swell of the hips of this woman-child.

Eagerly now, and impatiently, my hand went to the girl’s bare thigh, her left thigh, the one closest to me. I massaged this wonderful, warm flesh, so silky smooth and soft yet, when squeezed, so firm and toned. Then my roving hand traveled up the thigh, passing beneath the hem of the tight miniskirt and after just a few more tantalizing inches came to the warm, panty-clad juncture of the young woman’s two beautiful legs.

I pressed my hand firmly against her sex as my eyes traveled back and forth between her bared breasts and the peaceful expression on her pretty face as illuminated by the soft rays from the dome light.

Eagerly my fingers sought access into one of the leg openings of the lacy panties. The actions of my large arm and hands under the miniskirt had hiked the tiny skirt all the way up to the point where I could see my hand as my fingers disappeared inside the girl’s panties. My middle finger quickly found the lips of her pussy and, with no hesitation, sunk inside up to the first knuckle.

There I paused to study the girl’s face, looking for any sign of consciousness. There was none. She was sleeping peacefully, her eyes closed, her mouth slightly open, and my finger was inside her sweet, young pussy!

I then introduced a second fat finger into her warm, moist interior, also up to the first knuckle. Then, with my other hand—the right hand—I slowly inserted two fingers into her slightly parted mouth where I felt the same warmth and wetness that the fingers of my left hand were experiencing.

Mad with lust, I thrust the two fingers of my left hand deeper into the hottie’s warm vagina. I was now inside her up to the second knuckles, and felt no resistance to indicate that she was a virgin. I didn’t figure she was. A piece of hot cunt like this, I knew my fingers were certainly not the first intruding object to explore this particular piece of real estate.

With excitement grabbing at my throat and making my heart pound, I began to eagerly finger fuck the teen beauty. As my left hand had its way with her young cunt, the fingers of my right hand were fucking her mouth, the tips of my fingers feeling the warm, wet softness of her tongue and the hard, equally moist surface of the roof of her mouth.

She was reclined at a forty-five degree angle in the passenger seat, unconscious, unaware that her young, hard body was providing pleasure for a horny, lecherous fat fuck. I pulled my fingers out of her pussy and went back to her tits.
I loved the soft, warm flesh of this nineteen year-old’s remarkable young breasts. I massaged them thoroughly, alternating between soft and aggressive, and could feel the breasts’ nipples harden as I did so.

Meanwhile, my right hand had taken the girl’s chin and lifted her face upward so that I could see it in the glow of the dome light, as I fondled her bared breasts with my left hand. She was certainly a very pretty girl.
She had a gorgeous face, with pouty-looking lips. I played briefly with her delicate ear ring, and tugged lightly on the ear lobe which it adorned.

I decided it was time. Time to get inside this little party girl’s cunt and do some serious fucking. I cast another ravenous glance at that incredible pair of thighs. I reached over and touched those thighs. Yes! Most definitely a fantastic idea!

She was not going to wake up, I was sure of it. And if she did, well, I had the knife and I wasn’t afraid to use it if I had to. Way out here, there was no one to help her anyway.

I got out of the van, grabbing the knife off the dashboard and sticking it in my back pocket as I did so. I opened the back door and laid down the back seat, to give us more room. I had an old blanket that I spread out. Yes! This would give me lots of room to do my thing.
I went around to the passenger side and opened the door. Bending over, I scooped her up in my arms. She must have weighed about 115 pounds, but I’m a big man, used to manual labor. I didn’t have to work too hard to hoist her up. One of her high heel shoes fell off in the process.

I carried her around to the back of the van, laid her down on her back on the blanket. She suddenly stirred a little and I stopped, reaching for the knife. But I didn’t need it. I heard her give a little sigh, and she was back to sleep.

As I stood there looking at her, I debated with myself if I wanted to fuck her with her clothes on— the tube top and bra were already tugged down around her belly, all I’d have to do was push that sexy miniskirt up just far enough to give me access to her pussy—or should I strip it all off her ? I decided on the latter. I wanted to have the little cock teaser totally NAKED—except for her pretty little earrings and the tiny gold necklace around her neck, plus the matching chain I now noticed around her right ankle, the one above the shoeless foot.

But before proceeding, I pulled out my cell phone and snapped a photo of my subject. The phone’s strobe flash bathed her body in illuminating light for a fraction of a second. This would surely be the only time in my life that I would have an opportunity such as this, and I decided I wanted to have a pictorial record of it.

My palms were sweaty as I now took the knife and sliced through the tube top and bra. It didn’t take much effort. I stepped back and again took a picture of her, now in only the miniskirt.

My eyes devoured her bared breasts, and then studied the shape of her young teenage body, as its lines curved inward to a tiny waist and then swelled back into a pair of wide hips. The waistline of the miniskirt hit her at the widest part of those hips.

I would have this vision of her—naked save for the miniscule skirt covering her private parts and the single high heel shoe—for eternity, as I again snapped a flash photo of her. Her arms lay bent at the elbows in the photo, with the palms of her hands facing up on either side of her head.

My heart pounding, the sweatiness of my own palms seemed to increase as I rolled Tiffany onto her side and undid the clasp of her skirt, and then pushed the zipper down its entire four inch length. I then began to tug the miniskirt downward off those curvaceous hips.
As the waistline of the skirt came down, a pair of pink, thong panties greeted me. I paused to take another photo with her skirt in a bunch around her knees and the thong panties guarding the most intimate part of her young, hard body. These photos would provide fantastic masturbation material in the future!

Impatiently now, I yanked the skirt the rest of the way down the young girl’s shapely legs and off her feet. Her remaining shoe also came off at this point. Another photo. Actually, I took several photos of her with only the thong panties, positioning her legs in various poses, some where her thighs hid her crotch, others with her spread eagled so that her panty-clad crotch was fully visible.

Next, I slid the blade of the large knife under the strings that wrapped the thong panties around the girl’s broad hips. Holding my breath, my pulse racing, I sliced the panties off those hips. My young girl was now totally naked!

Her lovely body was a delight to behold. Her skin, as pure and smooth as honey, showed tan lines that evidenced sunbathing in a very skimpy bikini. I spread her thighs and noted how the lips of her pussy were framed with the tiniest of fine, light- colored pubic hairs. I took several more photos.

My hands shaking, I dropped my pants and underwear, finally releasing my erect cock. I stroked the eight inches of hard, thick meat protruding out from under my gut. I spit on it for lubrication. The girl’s pussy seemed to be well oiled with her own secretions, but I knew from having explored her with my fingers that while she might not be a virgin, she was definitely tight down there for a man my size, and all lubrication would be a plus.

I climbed into the back of the van, setting my knife down beside her, where I could easily grab it if I needed it. I lifted the girl’s legs up, draping her knees over my shoulders. This lifted her ass off the floor several inches and brought her sex into perfect position to receive me. As I held her thighs with my left arm, my right hand reached beneath her ass and guided the large purple head of my penis into the lips of the nineteen-year-old vagina.

The head of my penis entered her. Looking downward, I watched in fascination as the lips of the teen’s cunt parted to accept the head of my rigid dick. I paused to look at her face. She was still sleeping peacefully, her face angelic in the dim light of the back of the van.

I pushed forward, against her, and felt my cock gain a full inch of penetration, the head now disappeared inside her. Again I paused. My hand was no longer needed to guide my penis, so as I leaned over the prone girl’s abdomen, her thighs at a forty-five degree angle over her body, her knees still draped over my shoulders. I gripped her by the wrists and pinned her arms against the floor.

The first inch of my cock had penetrated her effortlessly, but I could feel that getting the entire diameter of the thing deep into her would not be so easy, given the tightness of her young cunt, regardless of whether or not she was a virgin. A little force would be required.

“Time to fuck you hard, my little tramp,” I spoke to her aloud, squeezing her wrists.

I gave a powerful forward thrust with my pelvis that did, indeed, send my manhood deep into a pussy that had no choice but to accept it. Had the girl been conscious, I am sure she would have cried out in pain. As it was, the only sound that she emitted came not from her mouth but from her cunt—a slurping noise as her juicy love canal received its male counterpart.

In the back of the van, it was very quiet, and I could clearly hear, and not just feel, one of the greatest sensations of my life: my cock entering to the hilt, the pussy of a classy hottie with a marvelous slurping sound.

I thought my cock was going to explode in orgasm at that second, given the tightness of her cunt and the excitement of having taken sexual possession of her. But I remained motionless with my dick buried within her and was able to will myself back from the brink. I certainly wanted to enjoy fucking this little bitch a lot longer than just one entrance slam!

Remaining motionless, with the fabulous feeling of her cunt walls hugging my penis, I waited out the danger of instantly creaming her. I was loving the feel of her tightness—the walls of her teen pussy seemed to be clinging desperately to the male member that now impaled her. Had she so much as moved a single muscle at that moment, I am sure I would have exploded with cum; fortunately, she simply continued lying there, unconscious, unaware that her young body was being used in such a vile way.

Feeling at last that I had control over when I would orgasm, I slowly began fucking the little honey. I pumped her with slow, careful in-an-out thrusts, steadily increasing my pace until I felt her lifeless heels banging into my back like those of a rag doll.

After enjoying the girl in this position for a long while, I let her legs drop from my shoulders. They fell to the floor with a thud, spread wide apart by my presence between them. I then laid my weight down upon her, smashing her breasts against my fat body. With myself in position so that my cock was as far into the girl as it could possibly go, her head came only to my chest. I then scooted my body down—careful that my cock not exit her—so that I could nuzzle her neck, bite at her delicate gold necklace, and take in the sweet, faint scent of her perfume. Lord did she smell great! Everything about this young lady was a turn on: the way she looked, dressed, and smelled.

Suddenly I heard her moan! I froze. Was she coming to? I ceased my fucking of her and lay still, reaching over to grab the knife. She moaned again. I studied her closed eyes carefully in the dimness of the van. For several minutes I watched her intently, expecting that she was going to wake up and discover that she was being raped!

But she remained quiet, motionless, eyes closed in unconsciousness. Carefully, monitoring her as if she were my patient and I were a doctor looking for vital signs, I resumed fucking her.

Soon I was fucking the sleeping teen with the same vigor as previously. Pumping my hard, thick cock in and out of her brutally. My fat sweaty body mashing her down against the floor of the van. I was raping her……raping an incredibly hot teen girl…..and I was loving it! It had been ages since I’d had a young fresh cunt this nice and tight.

I felt the entire van rocking from my powerful thrusts. But it did not take long before her perfume, her nakedness, the feel of her hard body—before all these things conspired against my attempts at self-control and were bringing me to the verge of orgasm. But I did not want this to end so soon!
At the last moment, with my balls hard and ready to explode, I withdrew abruptly from her vagina and sat up between her spread legs. My dick loomed heavily in the air above the naked girl’s body, the fat shaft glistening with the young girl’s cunt juices.

I was breathing hard and was somewhat dizzy. After catching my breath and calming myself down from the precipice of orgasm, I rolled the hottie onto her stomach. Her lifeless arms flopped like a rag doll’s as her hard body was turned over.

Then it happened. Her head lifted and slowly she turned, her eyes trying to focus in the dim light.

“Wha….wha….what’s….going on…..wh-where…..what…..?” she mumbled almost incoherently.

Without even thinking, I punched her hard in the side of the head. I heard a a small whimper and she went limp. She was out again. I had to hurry up and finish my rape of this girl.

I was admiring her pert little ass. I marveled at the way its perfect roundness curved upward into the air, and ran my hands lovingly over it. I then increased the upraised effect by wadding up some of the blanket under Tiffany’s flat tummy, positioning the ripe, young derriere in a manner that made both her asshole and her cunt ready to receive a man.

The sight of her fine ass in the air gave me pause. Did I want to try to fuck her in the ass? I pulled her butt cheeks apart and stared at the tight, round sphincter. Fucking her here was certainly tempting.

But I dismissed the thought. I probably had time for only one round with this sweetie, and I hadn’t yet had enough of her cunt. I entered her again, driving in hard, feeling the warmth of her love canal envelop me. I then extended my body over hers and lay heavily on top of her.
Her round butt felt wonderful pressed against my lower belly. I ran my hands underneath her body and grasped her breasts with both hands, squeezing them with my fingers as I began to hump the little bitch, slowly at first, then harder, then harder still.

The sounds of skin slapping against skin, together with the slurping of cock going in and out of cunt and the animalistic grunts that I know I was making, filled the back of the van. The poor old springs under the van creaked in protest as I banged the little babe.

I was pulling back, feeling her pussy lips suck on my shaft, then falling forward, letting all my 300 lb. crush her down to the van floor. My fat cock was plowing up inside her as far as I could go. I could feel that I was again on the verge of climax, and this time, instead of denying it, I let it swell.

I continued sending my penis in and out of her tight vagina with deep, solid strokes, feeling the walls of the vagina cling to my dick like the suckers on an octopus’ tentacles. I felt my balls harden in anticipation of the release of what I knew would be a monstrous ejaculation.
I ceased my pumping in mid-stroke so that I could better feel the spasms of my cum leaving my balls and shooting into the poor girl’s womb. Spurt after spurt of my slimy semen painted the inside of the hottie’s tight cunt.

I knew she was on the pill, but it still thrilled me, the possibility of getting her pregnant. Let her explain to her parents how she let a 46 year-old fat drunk fuck her. I found the idea of the sexy little bitch walking around with my child inside her extremely arousing.
When the spurting subsided, I renewed humping her lovely cunt, over and over until, at last, my cock started to soften. I collapsed in exhaustion on top of her.

My rape of this beautiful, nineteen-year-old was now complete. The van was eerily quiet.

Minutes later, I stirred myself back into action. I had to. I would have preferred to have just remained there, lying spent on top of the young honey that I had just ravished, and savoring the warmth of her body.

I pulled myself off the unconscious girl. My penis slid from her cunt. When it did so, I watched a large puddle of my cum ooze out of her reddened pussy. I pulled my pants up, tucking my cock back into my underwear. Ahhhh, but he had gotten a nice workout!

Now what to do with the stupid little cunt? She was still out of it! I couldn’t believe it. Raped and abused by a stranger and she hadn’t even woken up during any of it!

Leaving her in the back of the van, still sprawled out on her stomach, her slender legs spread apart and showing off her gorgeous cunt with cum oozing from it, I took a few more pics.
I closed the back door of the van and started up the engine. I put the van in gear and drove back out to the street. Cautiously, I looked around. Good, I didn’t see any cops or any other vehicles.

I drove maybe four or five blocks, before I pulled into a small park down near the river. Parking near some trees, I pulled her out of the van and dumped her onto the ground. I threw her clothes out beside her.

As I was driving away, I glanced in the rearview mirror. Holy shit! She was coming to! I could see her pushing herself up onto her hands and knees, and looking around. No doubt trying to figure out where in hell she was! And why she was naked!

I tromped on the accelerator and I was out of there.

The next morning it was all over the news. Police had found a teen girl staggering down a street, completely naked and claiming she had been raped! She told police the last thing she could remember was flagging down a taxi and getting into it.

That caused a big uproar in the media, everyone thinking she had been raped by a cab driver. But then, when the police checked out video surveillance in front of the club where she was supposedly picked up, looking to see what cab she had gotten into, they saw footage of her getting into my van.

It just so happened my minivan is blue and white, much like the colours of one of the cab companies in town. Apparently, little Miss Drunk-Party-Girl saw my van and thought I was a taxi. And that was how it all started.
I knew they’d track me down. All they had to do was look up the license plate on my van. I grinned when I saw the two police cars pull up outside my house.

It would be an interesting trial. Like the jury’s going to believe the testimony of some drunk slut who was passed out the whole time and whose memory would be very fuzzy at best. My lawyer’s told me not to be too worried. He’ll get me off and I believe him.

But I do wanna say, Ms. Tiffany Olivia Norris, even if you were blotto’d the whole time, you were a damn good fuck! I had a good time that night. And now that I also know your address……maybe we’ll see each other again some day. I really think I do deserve a second date…..one where you’re awake this time….so I don’t have to do all the work!